//WL2K Day 27 South Atlantic

Pos 7-36 S, 33-07 W. Wind E 8, Seas 1.5m, 2/8 Cloud, T32.

Yesterday morning we had about 240nmi to Brazil and i thought landfall monday looked quite feasible. Then the wind died. One 24h run of 90nmi and then from this morning till this afternoon i did an average of 2.5kts. So …. monday looks unlikely.
But hey the conditions are not bad, its very quiet and calm. Some shipping but not to much. Only bummer is the heat – its pretty hot and hard to get comfortable. Other than that all well. Even the motor is still running, i finally switched the thing on this afternoon but decided after a couple hours that i didnt like the noise. Back to sailing.

//WL2K Day 25 South Atlantic

Pos 8-23 S, 29-53 W. Wind 10-13kts E, Seas 2m, T32, 6/8 Cloud, COG 290, SOG 4.0

The stronger winds day before yesterday didnt last, yesterday we had about 15kts and today we down still. Very nice sailing, slow at times but very peaceful ! Had a big pod of Dolphins visit this morning, about 2 dozen and they stayed around for 1/2 hour. Not squalls or rain in the last couple days but there is a lot of water vapor around, so humid it almost seems foggy at times. Even warmer yesterday and today, Temperature always over 30c even at night and the water is at 28c.
About 300nmi off the Brazilian Coast now, might make landfall monday but lighter winds over the next couple days could delay this by some time. till later, Storm Petrel out.

//WL2K Day 23 South Atlantic

Pos 9-31 S 26-13W

Yesterday was a very nice day with slight swell and 15kts. Today its been a bit rougher with lots of high level cloud, 25kts of wind and 3m seas which makes boat motion a little uncomfortable at times – still, great sailing. Made a 140nmi miles last 24h which is good. Bit more shipping now also (must be on the line between the NE Corner of Brazil and Cape Town/Cape Alguhlas) so that cuts into my sleep a fair bit. Got hot in the last couple day – alway 30C or more and even at night it doesnt go below 26C.
Did a bit of Laundry today, changed sheets and grew some sprouts – luxury. Looking forward to a whole nights sleep someday – that would be even greater. Making good miles towards Brazil. All well aboard – Joe

//WL2K Day 21 South Atlantic – halfway

Pos 11-13 S, 21-50 W and we are about halfway between St Helena and Brazil !

900nmi from the one and 900nmi from the other – took us about 8 or 8.5 days, certainly not a speed record. Weather remains favorable with good winds from E at about 20. Some of the boats who left a couple days before us reached already the doldrums, currently sitting at 5 degrees south and stretching to about the Equator. Hoping to avoid then on the way to Brazil for now by staying just below – 300nmi of motoring doesnt sound very nice all. Will see if we find a window for a quick crossing when we are there – long way to go. All the best from the South Atlantic
Storm Petrel out.

//WL2K Day 19 South Atlantic.

Pos 12-42S 18-05W Wind SE 15 Seas 2m T28c cloud 3/8 all well

Not too much change. Yesterday morning we had stronger winds of 25kts and a decent swell moved trough, by the evening it was all gone and the sky was clear. Making now 110-120nmi days but i think we might have little garden growing on the bottom slowing us down. I saw a few barnacles and I was going to clean the hull in St Helena but this nasty swell invaded the anchorage and i was happy to just get aboard from the ferry.
Daily routine aboard is a usual, radio skeds in the morning (and the afternoon) followed by clearing the deck of the previous nights flying fish massaker. Then coffee, breakfast, recording the log, marking the chart, a book or a movie, more food and some winlink connections in the afternoons to get weather and emails. Occasionally i also do a bit of trimming (rare) or gybe (every couple days) if i feel like it or the course goes more than 40 degrees askew. Saltwater showers in the afternoon to keep the hygiene up a little bit. Turning of eggs and inspection of vegetables for rot inbetween (now also becoming rare due to dwindling supplies) and occasional quizzes in the rigging and sails for anything loose and to watch the ever increasing ribs in the genoa. More cooking at night and then to the bunk for the night, up every 15min or hour depending, same the next day.

//WL2K Day 17 South Atlantic

Aloha !

The last 2 Days brought us actually quite decent wind, so for the first time we sitting around 5.5-6.5kts and making good miles. Also the weather cleared a little bit and its mostly blue sky and good starry nights. Bigger winds however mean also a bit more swell.
Everything is well aboard, however i have taken stock and only counted 2 bag of chips, 3 packets of cookies and 4 bars of chocolates left. I doubt thats going to last the journey nor more than a few days at the going rate. Bleak times ahead.

Other than that all good. We still on starboard tack under the 140% Genoa. Reasonable speed and very little chafe. Sometimes we sit a little bit to far south but will make up for it sometime with a bit of time on port tack which changes direction about 30d. Havent seen any shipping since leaving St Helena. Perpetually tired. Very little birdlife but plenty of flying fish. Boat is behaving beautiful and the windvane steers like a dream. Till later
Storm Petrel out.

//WL2K Day 15 South Atlantic

After some good days in St Helena we took off again – once to avoid extra charges for Health Insurance and Immigration, second because a swell from the north entered the anchorage and send us all rolling. For once it was more comfortable out on sea than it was at the anchorage.
Third Day out now and the breeze which was first fresh has now found its usual self with light airs at 8-14kts and sometimes less. So sometimes we are moving along and sometimes the sails are slapping about and we doing 2-3kts. But it is good to be sailing again and we take it as it comes. Mornings are often cloudy and rainy but by mid day it has been mostly sunny so far with more cloud and rain by nightfall.
Sadly the supply ship was delayed at St Helena or something else – the only fresh things i could get where one small eggplant and some overripe carrots and tomatoes. So i suspect this stretch will be a bit thin on fresh stuff and vegetables and more heavy on ship-stores. from the South Atlantic
Storm Petrel